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    {{ "Introducing the nanofranchise" | translate }}

    {{ "Looking to upgrade your business and attract more customers? Join the Nappuccino Corner network and stand out from the crowd with increased visibility and a significant boost in views and clicks." | translate }}

    {{ "Learn more about our innovative nano franchise model and how we can help enhance your business with Nappuccino Corner." | translate }}

{{ "Consider our nano franchise" | translate }}

{{ "Nappuccino Corner is a complete solution that can take your business to the next level by offering a customized space to rest. Our optimal and effective nap pods make it easy to seamlessly integrate this innovative feature into your facility. By adding Nappuccino Corner, you can add value to your business and give customers an extra reason to choose your location over others." | translate }}

{{ "With our subscription-based model and no initial investments, your business can maintain its independence while still gaining the benefits of being part of a group. Also, by choosing the option with our buying platform, you profit from the lower prices on supplies. You can improve your brand visibility through advertising and publicity and benefit from the innovative concept, recognition and support of an established brand" | translate }}

{{ "Find out more about this unique opportunity for businesses and join the growing trend of providing the Nappuccino Corner as an added value to your customers. Become the go-to spot that everyone's talking about!" | translate }}

{{ "Nap pods - individual rest zones" | translate }}

{{ "Renting the nap module is based on a monthly subscription. After the initial assessment of your company’s needs, we handle the installation and maintenance of the equipment. The number of nap pods installed in your facility can be adapted based on your needs. One module consists of 2 nap pods. There is no need to close the premises during the installation." | translate }}

{{ "Marketing & advertising" | translate }}

{{ "Included marketing and advertising, general publicity of Nappuccino Corner (newspapers, magazines, metro, TV, internet). We provide all marketing materials with discounts (banners, posters, disinfection material etc.) We list your company on our website, Google Maps and across all social media channels." | translate }}

{{ "New clients, more visibility" | translate }}

{{ "By choosing Nappuccino Corner, you\'ll receive comprehensive support and benefit from the established brand recognition of Nappuccino. Your business will also gain visibility and publicity on the web through Google Maps localization, where you\'ll be featured on the list of locations. Additionally, every Nappuccino Corner serves as a commercial for others, further increasing your exposure and brand awareness." | translate }}

{{ "Freedom & flexibility, Know &how" | translate }}

{{ "Full independence in running your business guaranteed. We serve you advice based on years of experience and full support related to the functioning of our concept. We will not impose on you ready-made solutions or popular restrictions commonly known in traditional franchise contracts, but we will suggest what could be the most profitable for you. Also, we offer access to supplies at reduced prices through our buying platform thanks to the partnerships with our suppliers." | translate }}

{{ "Become the go-to spot that everyone\'s talking about!" | translate }}

{{ "Choose Your Subscription Option" | translate }}

{{ "Consider the features of our two subscription options and choose the one that suits your needs the most." | translate }}

{{ "Subscription options" | translate }}

  • {{ "Installation of the Nappuccino Corner - individual rest zones" | translate }}

  • {{ "Receive the Nappuccino Corner FOR FREE" | translate }}

  • {{ "Fixed monthly payment on a subscription basis" | translate }}

  • {{ "Profit from the innovative concept and recognition of the brand" | translate }}

  • {{ "Marketing and branding (newspapers, metro, TV, etc.)" | translate }}

  • {{ "Access to marketing and promotional materials" | translate }}

  • {{ "Lower supply costs" | translate }}

  • {{ "Complete access to suppliers via buying platform application" | translate }}

  • {{ "Straightforward return policy" | translate }}

{{ "PURE" | translate }}

{{ "Based on a monthly subscription" | translate }}

{{ "PREMIUM" | translate }}

{{ "Based on our buying platform" | translate }}

{{ "Eligibility requirements" | translate }}

{{ "Temperature-Controlled Environment" | translate }}

{{ "The premises should be equipped with a good ventilation system so that customers have the right temperature conditions to rest comfortably. This includes air-conditioning or heating to maintain ideal temperature." | translate }}

{{ "Hygiene standards and regulations" | translate }}

{{ "Respecting the measures of protection, we prioritize sanitation and hygiene. We require obligatory disinfection, and all necessary hygiene rules must be observed for proper use of the individual rest zones. If it is a food-related establishment, we ensure that your organization complies with industry-standard hygiene regulations." | translate }}

{{ "Fairly low noise level" | translate }}

{{ "Maintaining a fairly low noise level is essential to provide customers with a comfortable environment for resting. While it is obviously not necessary to be completely silent like a library, it is important to avoid loud noise levels like those found at a rock concert. Our customers understand that we simply provide a place to rest, not a hotel service." | translate }}

{{ "Supervision is essential" | translate }}

{{ "It is important to ensure safety and comfort for customers using the Nappuccino Corner area, so it is essential that the area is never left unattended. The use of the nap pods is not intended to offer a full night rest. Our mission is to install custom-built nap pods within existing businesses where people can take a quick break and recharge during the day with a certain level of supervision. Ignoring this, will automatically result in termination of the contract among other consequences." | translate }}

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{{ "Check frequently asked questions here" | translate }}