{{ "Post- Covid Reality" | translate }}

{{ "Due to the crisis of COVID-19, nobody knows what the future holds. The key to success is the right mindset and for successful people, every obstacle becomes an opportunity to create something extraordinary. After all, \'Opportunity knocks at the strangest times, it is not the time that matters, but how you answer the door.\' (Steve Gray)." | translate }} {{ "The prospects for economic recovery are optimistic. Compared to the devastating crisis in 2008, once the situation stabilizes, it is expected that the recovery from the current crisis will be just as fast. For this reason, investing now can lead to high profitability for the future." | translate }} {{ "Everyone hopes that the end of the pandemic is near and the doors will open soon to enter a 'new normal' very similar to the one before the pandemic hit us." | translate }}

{{ "Invest in rest" | translate }}

{{ "Want to know the biggest challenges facing business owners? As any other business, their goal is to raise their revenue, among others, by trying to differ from competition, become noticed and recognized. However, the quality of their service is not the only factor that determines their success or failure." | translate }} {{ "Unfortunately, marketing and communication solutions are most of the time really expensive and have a low to none impact on the volume of clients and on the revenue. Business owners can still choose to be part of a franchise, but the investment to be made here is enormous (starting from 100 000€) and losing an identity, authenticity and freedom is too high a price to pay for the majority of business owners. They become employees with no benefits of it and business owners without authenticity." | translate }} {{ "Instead of working triple on tasks you do not like to do, you can focus on what you really love. As a cherry on the cake, it makes the world more happy and.. relaxed." | translate }}

{{ " 'The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.' Peter Drucker" | translate }}

{{ "Nanofranchise" | translate }}

{{ "It is a complex solution of a 'nanofranchise' that allows business owners to upgrade their business to a whole new level thanks to the customised napping area - Nappuccino Corner. The set of removable napping pods will form an integral part of your facility and gives you a head start over other businesses in the sector." | translate }} {{ "In this context, Nappuccino Corner arrives on the market as the unique solution that offers them quick brand recognition. With no initial investment, there is an increase in the visibility directly leading to a higher number of customers. With general publicity and advertising of Nappuccino Brand, online presence, access to marketing material with discounts, offering lower prices of the supplies, networking opportunities and with a few people napping per day, they only increase profits." | translate }}

{{ "Story" | translate }}

{{ "This innovative concept was first implemented in Nappuccino Café, the first café in the world with custom-built napping pods integrated inside of the café, located in Barcelona." | translate }} {{ "The growing popularity has attracted international media from Taiwan, France, Ukraine, China, Mexico, Japan, Spain…" | translate }} {{ "Dozens of articles and reports around the world talked about Nappuccino, generating an impressive number of reactions. All for 0 € invested in communication." | translate }} {{ "\'Nappuccino Corner\' is an alternative for all those who would like to be part of Nappuccino Revolution with minimal initial investments to rebuild the economy, increase incomes, keep their independence and improve their visibility as a brand while offering to their customers naps &coffee corners. The solution is easy, flexible and can be expanded greatly anywhere in the world." | translate }}

{{ "More profits, less costs. More freedom, less stress" | translate }}

{{ "Nappuccino Corner is a complex solution that allows business owners to upgrade their business to a whole new level, way beyond just a napping pod." | translate }}

{{ "Napping pods" | translate }}

{{ "Renting the napping module based on monthly subscription, short- term rent or a purchase. After the initial assessment of your company, we take care of the installation and maintenance of the equipment. The number of napping pods installed in your facility can be adapted based on your needs. One module consists of 2 napping pods. There is no need to close the premises in order to install the napping pods." | translate }}

{{ "Marketing &advertising" | translate }}

{{ "Included marketing and advertising, general publicity of Nappuccino Corner (newspapers, magazines, metro, TV, internet). We provide all marketing materials with discounts (banners, posters, disinfection material etc.) We list your company on our website, Google Maps and across all social media channels." | translate }}

{{ "New clients, more visibility" | translate }}

{{ "With Nappuccino Corner you get full support. Your business will profit from the established brand recognition of Nappuccino. For example, on Google or with the localisation of any Nappuccino Corner, you gain more visibility and publicity on the web only by being part of the group. Every Nappuccino Corner is a commercial for another." | translate }}

{{ "Freedom &flexibility, Know &how" | translate }}

{{ "Full independence in running your business. No popular restrictions as in the case of the traditional franchise contracts. We serve you advice based on years of experience and full support. We will not impose on you ready-made solutions related to the functioning of our concept, but we will suggest what could be the most profitable for you." | translate }}

{{ "These are the 3 ways to become part of the Nappuccino Corner" | translate }}

{{ "The price depends on the number of napping pods. One module consists of 2 napping pods." | translate }}

{{ "Based on a customized license."| translate }}

{{ "Professional Plus "| translate }}

  • {{ "Nappuccino brand recognition " | translate }}
  • {{ "Positioning on Nappuccino Corner website and Google Maps, Social media Visibility" | translate }}
  • {{ "Marketing and Nappuccino Corner branding (newspapers, magazines, metro, TV, internet)" | translate }}
  • {{ "Access to marketing materials with discounts" | translate }}
  • {{ "It is mainly directed to enterprises and other big establishments" | translate }}
{{ 'Based on a single purchase or short-term rentals.' | translate }}

{{ 'Regular PRO' | translate }}

  • {{ "Buy or Rent " | translate }}
  • {{ "Nappuccino brand recognition " | translate }}
  • {{ "Available to rent for a short- term period (events, filmmaking, workshops …)" | translate }}
  • {{ "Available for a purchase (universities, libraries, hospitals, private clinics ...) " | translate }}
  • {{ "Both, a purchase and a short- term rental option, are available for a physical person, not only a company. " | translate }}

{{ "Want to know more? " | translate }}

{{ "Eligibility requirements" | translate }}

{{ "Local equipped with air-conditioning" | translate }}

{{ "The premises should be equipped with a good ventilation system so that customers have the right temperature conditions when resting or taking a nap comfortably." | translate }}

{{ "Hygiene standards and regulations" | translate }}

{{ "Respecting the measurements of protection, we prioritise sanitation and hygiene and take necessary precautions against contamination. We require obligatory desinfeccion and facilitate the social and physical distancing. All necessary hygiene rules must be observed for proper use of the napping pods. If it is a food- related establishment, we ensure that your organization complies with industry-standard hygiene regulations providing a relevant certificate." | translate }}

{{ "Fairly low noise level" | translate }}

{{ "In order to provide customers with adequate conditions to rest, the 'low noise level' rule is essential. The ambience is neither expected to be completely quiet like in a church, nor an ambience of the metal concert. Our customers are fully aware that we do not provide a service of a hotel but simply a place to rest." | translate }}

{{ "Closed at night" | translate }}

{{ "It is important to ensure safety and comfort for customers, so it is essential that the place is closed during the night. The napping area cannot stay unattended and the service is not intended to offer a full night. Ignoring this will automatically result in termination of the contract among other consequences." | translate }}

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