{{ "FAQ" | translate }}

{{ "Frequently asked questions" | translate }}

{{ "I like the concept, what are the conditions to have it in my place?" | translate }}

{{ "Your establishment should be equipped with a good ventilation system, respect hygiene standards and regulations, maintain a fairly low noise level and the service of Nappuccino is not authorised at night." | translate }}

{{ "How many modules can you install in one place? " | translate }}

{{ "It depends on the size of the premises and integration possibilities. Each module consists of 2 \"nap pods\" and can be configured in many ways. The minimum surface required is \'4m2\' per module." | translate }}

{{ "How long does the contract last?" | translate }}

{{ "The contract is renewed automatically every year." | translate }}

{{ "Will you provide marketing material, know-how and the training?" | translate }}

{{ "Yes, we provide access to marketing materials and do the advertising, general publicity of Nappuccino Corner (newspapers, magazines, metro, TV, internet), we list your company on our website, Google Maps and across all social media channels. The know-how and training is also provided." | translate }}

{{"How do I pay for Nappuccino Corner?" | translate }}

{{ "We carefully assess the needs and expectations of each customer and propose the best solution, based on a monthly subscription, the use of our central purchasing platform or other alternatives." | translate }}

{{ "Can I also rent Nappuccino for a short- term period, for example an event such as Mobile World Congress? " | translate }}

{{ "Yes, we do offer such service. Let us know when the event takes place and how many modules you would like to install." | translate }}