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{{ "Nappuccino is the first and unique café in the world that implements napping pods inside a café." | translate }} {{"It is an experimental phase of the whole Nappuccino concept." | translate }}}

{{ "Located in the very center of Barcelona, it is a café where you can actually take a nap and it is neither hotel nor spa. It is genuine and cozy café where you can take a deep breath from a busy center of the city. Take your time to study, work on your computer, read a book, take a coffee or take a nap (or both)." | translate }}
{{ "Pop in for a breakfast or quick lunch, enjoy delicious bagels, focaccias, authentic french pastry, local craft beer and for coffee lovers, an artesanal italian coffee." | translate }}

{{ "There is no better solution when you are tired and far from home than to enjoy free access in one of our individual, disinfected rest areas with your usual lunch in Nappuccino Café" | translate }}

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{{ "Is it you? Your business will profit from the established brand recognition of Nappuccino, on Google or with the localisation of any Nappuccino Corner, you gain more visibility and publicity on the web by being part of the group." | translate }}

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