{{ "What is Nappuccino Corner?" | translate }}

{{ "Nappuccino Corners are individual rest zones or \"nap pods\" that are installed inside cafes, restaurants, and other establishments." | translate }}

{{ "These individual rest zones, or \"nap pods\", resemble a bed and include a mattress and pillows. They offer enough space to lie down or sit. Each nap pod is equipped with electrical outlets to charge phones or computers and also has a light to provide more comfort when reading." | translate }}

{{ "Whether you\'re in need of a quick break from work or looking for a place to relax, you will find it all in Nappuccino Corner. " | translate }}

{{ "How does it work?" | translate }}

{{ "Lunch Break = Free Nap. For the price of a regular lunch, you\'ll have access to individual rest zones where you can relax, catch up on some rest and shut your eyes for a while." | translate }}

{{ "Here\'s an example of how it works" | translate }}

{{ "Our first Nappuccino Corner is installed in the restaurant called \"The Lobster Roll Barcelona\", which offers Boston-style lobster rolls (sandwiches). For the price of any of the restaurant\'s Menu Rolls (Lobster, Crab, Shrimp, Pork or Beef), you will have access to the Nappuccino Corner for one hour. You can find the full menu of the restaurant" | translate }} {{ "here." | translate }}

{{ "What is a \"nap pod\"? " | translate }}

{{ "Nappuccino Corner offers a set of \"nap pods\" - custom-built, sturdy, and durable structures designed for resting. They are specifically designed to provide just enough privacy for taking a nap without disturbance and also to prevent any claustrophobic feelings. The pods are made of specially designed materials that are easy to clean and disinfect after each use, ensuring that they are always clean and safe to use. Additionally, everyone has access to disinfection products for added safety." | translate }}

{{ "Why Nappuccino Corner?" | translate }}

{{ "Whether you are a" | translate }}

  • {{ "full-time worker," | translate }}
  • {{ "student," | translate }}
  • {{ "parent," | translate }}
  • {{ "or tourist," | translate }}
  • {{ "there are times when you may have stayed up late working, binge-watching shows until 3 am, or been kept awake by your children." | translate }} {{"The next day, all you want is a quick nap. Not everyone can afford 8 hours of deep and uninterrupted sleep every night. That's why we created Nappuccino Corner - a solution to those moments when you need a quick break and a chance to recharge your batteries. Check out and visit our first location" | translate }} {{ "here." | translate }}

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    {{ "[…]When searching on Google without suspecting to really find anything, we type: \'where to take a nap in barcelona\' We find Nappuccino![…] You can drink […], eat […] but above all!!!! You can rest, take a nap before making a long bus trip for example. We lovee ❤ […]" | translate }}

    Llim, {{"a client of Nappuccino" | translate }}

    {{ "[…]The most accurate way to describe this place would be comparing it to an Oasis after a long walk in the desert. In my case, that nap was life saving, since we had to take the 6am flight, we didn\'t have much sleep.[…]" | translate }}

    Ye Lufeng{{"a client of Nappuccino" | translate }}

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