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{{ "Frequently asked questions" | translate }}

{{ "What is Nappuccino Corner?" | translate }}

{{ "Nappuccino Corner refers to individual rest zones, also known as \'nap pods,\' which are designed for resting and relaxation. Each pod is equipped with electrical plugs and a light for added comfort." | translate }}

{{ "How do I get access to rest in Nappuccino Corner?" | translate }}

{{ "To access the Nappuccino Corner rest zones, simply purchase a meal at one of our partner establishments." | translate }}
{{ "For example, at The Lobster Roll Barcelona, you can access the rest zone with the purchase of any of their famous rolls. Check the restaurant\'s menu for more information" | translate }} {{ "here" | translate }}

{{ "Can 2 people enter together?" | translate }}

{{ "No, it is not allowed for obvious reasons. The \"nap pods\" are strictly individual."| translate }}

{{ "Can I use my phone or computer inside?" | translate }}

{{ "Yes, each rest zone is equipped with light and electric plugs." | translate }}

{{ "How is the hygiene maintained?" | translate }}

{{ "Hygiene in the nap pods is maintained through a combination of measures, including regular disinfection after each use, using specially designed easy-to-clean materials, and providing disinfection products for individuals to use. Additionally, the nap pods are not entirely closed, which promotes air circulation." | translate }}

{{ "What was Nappuccino Café, is it closed?" | translate }}

{{ "Yes, it is closed. It was the first café in the world equipped with custom-built nap pods that form integral part of the cafe, and it was the experimental phase of the concept. Now, at the same address you can find a new American restaurant called \'The Lobster Roll Barcelona\'. We installed our first Nappuccino Corner (rest zone) there, located inside of the restaurant. " | translate }}

{{ "Is it a franchise?" | translate }}

{{ "Yes, Nappuccino Corner is a model of Nano franchise (mini franchise). It is an alternative to a traditional franchise model, because it requires no initial investments, provides added value and increases visibility." | translate }}

{{ "Can I apply for a job in your company?" | translate }}

{{ "Yes, you can send us your CV and motivation letter "| translate }} {{"here." | translate }}